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The Burn of Beginning | E.N.D.

The Burn of Beginning | E.N.D.

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a ʟ ɨ ċ ɛ By -ohmydragneel Updated 6 days ago

Natsu is E.N.D.
  He didn't want them to know.
  He knew they would fear him.
  But the time came when the truth had to be revealed.
  And it was worse than expected.
  What will happen.......
  Natsu wished he knew.
  "Natsu...." Makarov paused, "Left the guild."
  Shouts of joy rang out in the air.
  "The demon's gone!"
  "Good riddance!"
  "He always was a monster!!"
  "A devil!"
  "A killer!"
  "A psychopath!!"
  "A hellhound!!"
  "A villain."
  People who knew Natsu well, knew he had never been any of those things. Gray, at the moment, didn't care so much. He had made up his mind. The next time he crossed paths with Natsu, the fire mage would die. So he joined in with the chanting. Battering Natsu with insults, as if they had never even known each other. Erza....Wendy....Elfman, and others, all stood by, watching with keen eyes, not interfering, not chanting, but not defending either. In their hearts they knew who Natsu really was... Not just some demon as others said he was. It was amazing how fear could change people so quickly, and set them against one another.
  And Natsu....... was the victim.

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I UUU WUB ME LET ME GO ~~~••~!!!!!!!! *he lets go* IT WAS A JOKE  *rip Bish died by falling of a cliff*
Mirthefangirl Mirthefangirl Aug 14, 2016
AAAAAAA! This is so good! I love angsty stories about Natsu turning into E.N.D. and the guild questioning if he can be trusted anymore. I also read your Poisoned Fire book and that one is amazing so I'm sure this one will be just as amazing.
I-I'm not crying b-baka! *Sniff* T-There's just dust in m-my e-eyes! *Sniff* That's all!
JellyisMelly JellyisMelly Sep 29, 2016
Just imagine.....
                              Instead of telling them hes end, what if he was going to tell them....
                              HE WAS GAYYYYYYYYYYYY
Kinsey60801 Kinsey60801 Oct 24, 2016
I am re reading this story and I kid you not it feels like there is a weight on my heart... I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry... 😢