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SHSL Ghost

SHSL Ghost

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Komahina fluff girl By KatTheCat123 Updated Nov 07, 2016

The Reserve Course Department was abandoned many years ago at Hope's Peak Academy, but rumors say that one person, who loved and admired Hope's Peak the most, never left. Nobody has seen this student, not even the authorities, thus they were nicknamed Super High School Level Ghost. Nagito Komaeda had recently been admitted to Hope's Peak as The Ultimate Lucky Student, but he finds himself wrapped up in the ghost story. However, the ghost may not be like what the students claim it to be. Komahina story!!(^-^) Where do i come up with these ideas.... ._. Oh yeah, rated M just to safe, i got writer's block and DAMN it was annoying.

Kuro_Pixie Kuro_Pixie Oct 31, 2016
*To Junko*
                              That's funny.
                              I don't like people like you either.
                              YOU WANNA GO?!?😈😈
shippingLIKEABOSS shippingLIKEABOSS Sep 25, 2016
Yes lets all go into an abandoned place in the oldest part of the school! BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY IN OLD ABANDONED PLACES NOTHING BAD HAPPENS THERE XD
Julius_TheClockMaker Julius_TheClockMaker Oct 09, 2016
But I thought he got in because of his constant switch between his good luck and bad're probably right.
Syosan Syosan Jan 22
The Heart Throbbing Feels Trip starts now!
                              *DANGAN ISLAND MUSIC*
Nannyvers34 Nannyvers34 Mar 05
Him being here kinda reminds me of *spoiler alert*
Kuro_Pixie Kuro_Pixie Oct 31, 2016
That's a lie.
                              This wouldn't be a story of you didn't go in at one point 😂😂