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Camp Half Blood Roleplay

Camp Half Blood Roleplay

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#StopBullyingNow By Babydoglove Updated Apr 08

This, as you probably know, is a roleplay. You can be a demigod or another create, such as a satyr or a Pegasus. Is that enough description? No. Well, you can be a child of the big three... Sorry. No children of Hera, Artemis or Hestia, though. You can be blessed by them, if that makes you feel better!

Jason and Zane come inside the Big House and turn on Chrions gaming system
Pearlclaw Pearlclaw Apr 06
Rebecca sat on a bench alone, of course, and reading a book, of course.
Stxr-Gxrl Stxr-Gxrl Apr 14
//Open to anyone!//
                              Niko looked around, setting down their duffle bag. "Is this where I'm supposed to be...?" They pondered, bright yellow eyes scanning over all the people, their cat tail swaying softly.
Avengers-queenie Avengers-queenie Aug 07, 2016
Alexandra stood outside the door to the big house. She was going to talk to Chiron about the prophecy she heard from Rachel.
adeIaidekane adeIaidekane Aug 10, 2016
Alaina sits on the grass next to her sister who's sharing her dagger. "Hey AnnaBeth,"She grins happily. "I heard there's a new kid. I think his names Percy,"Alaina grins.
Logan_Spears_ Logan_Spears_ Nov 06, 2016
Evan lazily sat in a hammock and put on his headphones and started listening to Green Day (@Babydoglove wanna RP with meh?)