Sidemen One-Shots! | SDMN ツ

Sidemen One-Shots! | SDMN ツ

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i always have prompts for stories but i never end up finishing them so here are some small one-shots (:

{ warnings: they will be placed at the beginning of the chapter if needed, but most of these will be boyxboy. also will include friends lmao }

cover credit to:: @blissskiss

luxlikeminter luxlikeminter Dec 28, 2016
Ship: Minizerk
                              Genre: I dunno
                              Prompt: The boys play 7 minutes in heaven while drunk and Josh and Simon are chosen to go into the closet together. Whatever happens is up to you.
                              Warnings: Maybe swearing? I dunno maybe some drunk tings
xixryanxix xixryanxix Aug 06, 2016
Ship: Minizerk 
                              Genre: Angst/Fluff 
                              Prompt: Person A is incredibly insecure and doesn't believe that Person B really loves them. Person B always stays to help them. 
                              Warnings: Swearing,depressing thoughts.
Olajxde Olajxde Jan 09
Ship: ksimon 
                              Genre: fluff/sad
                              Prompt: JJ is sad because he can't finish editing his video , is super tired and has to catch a flight to nyc the next day so Simon helps him out
                              Specific additions: JJ is also upset because he won't be able to see Simon for a week
                              Warnings: swearing??
                              Thank you :)
Isabelle728 Isabelle728 Dec 13, 2016
Minishaw, I don't really care, Simon is caught 'cheating' on Harry, but really he was forced to, self harm
scarletxsidemen scarletxsidemen Aug 09, 2016
Ship: vobi
                              Genre: fluff??? No idea
                              Prompt: everybody is playing truth or dare. Person A told a sideman that he likes person B. While playing tod person A chooses dare and the sideman that knows the secret dares him to kiss the person he likes.
                              Warnings: none
bluetrees1 bluetrees1 Oct 12, 2016
What ya mean by it took place two years ago? Did josh actually say that to Vik during a recording?