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You pull at my heart strings (an errorberry fanfic)

You pull at my heart strings (an errorberry fanfic)

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⇝☼Thℯ Frℯsh Nℯrd☼⇜ By blueberryC04 Updated 3 days ago

Blueberry has been in the void for a couple months now and is getting restless. He wants to go out and see other universes! But what happens when a certain glitch catches his eye instead...?

//there will be no lemons I assure you//

Marakura Marakura Sep 09, 2016
                              No seriously imagine a poor little innocent blueberry going to Horrortale !
pazazcat pazazcat Aug 20, 2016
Ow gawd blue, out of all the days u has to ask tha day error goes to the fandom's guilty pleasure AU. XD
MadEmmagirl MadEmmagirl Aug 19, 2016
Underfell would be cool, but only if you wanna! Also, ERRORBERRY MY SOUL I CAN NO LONGER DEAL.
GraveyardGala GraveyardGala Aug 22, 2016
DustTale OuO just for the hell of it–or Horrortale…one of the scarier and more…depressing AUs
sunsetking sunsetking Feb 04
No lust Blue is to innocent to be kinky and just why with that AU
jbroekhuizen jbroekhuizen Aug 14, 2016
HORRORTALE sorry for spam....(Please don't be mad i just wan't to help with your beautiful piece of work) I sound stupid..