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Brothers Conflict x Reader

Brothers Conflict x Reader

22.5K Reads 884 Votes 16 Part Story
wingz_of_freedom By wingz_of_freedom Updated Feb 11

Basically about you, the reader, thrown into the lives of the Asahina Brothers.

(Various x reader) 


bbflame bbflame 2 days ago
WOW it must be kind of nice to be that short, in real life I'm 7' and it sucks because by grandparents have an old-ish house and the doorframes are only 6'10 and have to keep bending down, or I will hit my head, also I'm taller then everyone in my family!
I don't even classify as a 5' I'm a 4'! You people are giants!
Anime_Lover71 Anime_Lover71 Nov 08, 2016
5'1.. dayumm... my lil sis is taller than me though(she's now 5'9 at the age of 15)... 😭😭😭
pumpkuncupcake123 pumpkuncupcake123 Nov 29, 2016
God bless u author Chan I'm not as short as I am irl. My life is good
SatsuYuki5 SatsuYuki5 Feb 12
I cant even imagine being 5'8 OoO Waov some people just ... tall :(
I wish I was 5'8, sadly I'm 5'3 I hate how I'm in college and I'm always alongside some giants >.<