This Little Girl

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Suiren By Unitdentified Updated 2 years ago
I woke up in the morning in a bed, in an unfamiliar room.
    I have no clothes on, I might add to that, and there’s a sleeping Mason next to me.
    What the hell happened last night? I can’t remember.
    I threw a pillow at Mason, hitting him with it until he woke up.
    He rubbed his eyes and yawned. “…And good morning to me.” He smirked.
    I covered my naked body with the blanket. “…Did we have sex?”
    The Sequal of 'About A Girl' is here!!!!((: Except, not in Laci's P.O.V. In Jacee's when she's older... Let's see how dramatic her life is ;)
Update please ur an amazing writer I cried in about a girl! Lol