Beaten, battered and bruised by the one person who's supposed to make you happy, Kali has had enough. 
    Tearing herself away from the place she once called home she makes a new life for herself. 
    Her mate rejected her and that broke her heart and soul. 
    Two years pass and now he wants her back, too bad her heart was damaged so bad she went rogue.
I accidentally google and typed Kali and it turned out to be Hindu's god of Death!!! It's hard for me to continue reading this story. Sorry
At least I'm not a twig that's easy to snap!
                                    Want me to do the honors?
@papizan no, the author is correct by writing found. It says 'became alpha' and it is correct to say found because it is carrying on the same tense. If they had said beCOME alpha, find would have been correct in that case :)
Please don't be cliche where the girl starts off "ugly and fat" then all of a sudden comes back all badaśs, beautiful, confident, and has magical powers, please! Not trying to hate but all reject stories are the same
You chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth. -Katy Perry
When he said I always get what I want I was like well you've got something coming for you mr. Alpha