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- ` Lina ´ - By fandom-lover376 Updated Aug 15, 2017

This is a book filled with Suicide Squad imagines, smuts & one-shots. 

I write reader x Suicide Squad character(s) & sometimes even reader x the entire squad.

Enjoy reading!





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haaileyy22 haaileyy22 Aug 07, 2016
could i request a harley quinn x girl! reader ? if so, could it be a cute imagine where harley gets jealous due to the reader always talking to deadshot and el diablo. if thats not enough discription, just let me know. thanks!
FanQueen24 FanQueen24 Sep 13, 2016
Can you do an captain boomerang X reader where she has a crush on him but he doesn't notice
thewritinginsomniac thewritinginsomniac Feb 04, 2017
Can you write a captain boomerang x reader? Where idk he likes her but she never really notices until he actually tells her (also she's like really tall goes by the alias beanstalk)
CheyenneLuh CheyenneLuh Aug 08, 2016
Can you do Diablo x reader where the reader is his fiancé and the squad is fighting and the reader gets hurt and they think she's going to die but she doesn't. And can it be really fluffy please!!
kryc143 kryc143 Sep 21, 2016
When do you think your requests will open? If you don't mind me asking
ChristineSalmons1 ChristineSalmons1 Aug 07, 2016
Could you write a reader x El Diablo shut please maybe that Diablo did not not and could you please think of something please