Harley Quinn x Reader

Harley Quinn x Reader

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Okay Friend? By Kitchen-Sink-To-You Completed

This is a Harley x Female reader, I don't see many so I decided to write one.

You were jealous of Mr. J's relationship with Harley. She was the star in his eyes, you were only a second serve. Harley was thrown into prison leaving you with Mr. J, you had your time with him until you too were arrested. 

Being in the same prison cell with Harley was.... Difficult to say the least but you got to know the psycho just a bit better. You develop feelings for her feelings you had only felt for The Joker.

Cover by: void_winchester.

Also the sequel is up so go check that out.

She knocked herself out so that the memories would go away, remember the memories that she was thinking about when she got electrocuted, she knocked herself out so they would stop
Nervous Ash, I think anxious Ash would be better, what do ya' say?
mushfolk mushfolk Aug 09, 2016
what hows that copyright?0.0 
                              many people have done it here and its not copyright 0.0 you can write whatever you want, its not copyright if you follow the plot of the movie XD
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Whenever I see Harley I go 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙🏳️‍🌈 this is the place for me