Big Girls Need Love Too!

Big Girls Need Love Too!

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When Kai Speaks ... 💎 By KySoul Updated May 31, 2015

"Raq, where's my perfume?" My mom asked as she walked into my room. It was 10 and she was getting ready to go out while I was still up, studying for my exams in a few months. Gotta stay focused or else I'll come up slipping. "Look on my dresser. I probably forgot to put it back. Sorry." I responded. The sound of her stilettos echoed across my hardwood floor. "Got it. I'll be home late. Don't wait up." She says as she struts out my room and down the hall. Her footsteps faded and I was left home alone. Might as well go to bed. School in the morning.

*Friday Morning* 

"Get up, fat ass." My sister, Judine, says. My name is Raquel Raei(Ray) Epic. People love my last name. Anyway, I have 2 sisters and a brother. Judine is the oldest then my sister Julian then me and then my younger brother, Current. Our mom wanted to be unique with our names. I'm 16, a sophomore, and hated by both of my sisters. They say it's because I'm a disgrace to our family. Most of the women in the family are slim, c...

PryceWife PryceWife Sep 06, 2016
Lame joke I get picked on because I'm a little big does it matter to me??  He'll nah because I got ppl who love me and a bf I shouldn't care what they say they just mad because I'm pretty and they ugly
PryceWife PryceWife Sep 06, 2016
Her sister is just a.....what's the word I'm looking for a uhh thottie/bish
aidenmommy93 aidenmommy93 Jun 12, 2015
hate those lame ass jokes. I told them nigga I'm fat not a cannibal.
Afroditiesshero Afroditiesshero Sep 15, 2014
am i he only one that bol why he play her like that hahaahah
_beneee _beneee Apr 27, 2014
Yesssssssss boo yesssssss them white boyzz be fine as hell shoot
kje51408 kje51408 Feb 11, 2014
Judine trying to get with her sister date. She being real thirsty.