Blooming Iris | ✓

Blooming Iris | ✓

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Iris had lost her twin brother and parents in a horrible car accident three months ago. Now she's homeless and 'mute' and has nobody, until one day she meets a guy named Richard.

Richard Price is known to be the youngest CEO in America. When he met Iris on the way to work, he took a fast liking to her, offering her a place to stay. But will she accept his offer?

And what happens when an annoying step-brother and fiancée comes into the picture?

Cover made by Poisonedbones :)

_bloomingiris_ _bloomingiris_ Jun 30, 2016 03:02AM
omg i totally forgot i read this book and one day i wanted to change my user and the first thing that came to mind was something to do with bloomingiris and i just saw this in my recommended and now ik why. i guess the title of your book just stuck with me. i should probably change it now...
VeriAnthea VeriAnthea Jun 14, 2016 05:20PM
I clicked on this because Iris also is my name, so exited I finally got time to read it 😁
Saraelmo2000 Saraelmo2000 Aug 30, 2015 11:05PM
I love how everyone on wattpad gets so into he book and comments as if the character is going to answer them, I'm chucking
Ungrateful? Misused words are a definite pet hate :/ stupid guy, go back to elementary school
ice_c_Reem ice_c_Reem Jun 29, 2015 06:15AM
You could've sold the vacation house and lived in your regular pne
When I saw this book, I immediately got it because Iris is also my name. I know it's wrong but I just had to! Something tells me it's going to be good.