Regret Rejecting Me Now? ( UPDATING & EDITING )

Regret Rejecting Me Now? ( UPDATING & EDITING )

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xSkylar Jonesx By starstruck1601 Updated Oct 28

Jade Collins was your regualer everyday nerd. The one werewolf who studied all her life and had no time for romance. But once she turns sixteen her whole life is turned around. Aiden Clark, the badass soon to be Alpha, ends up being her mate. But he rejects her. Jade leaves and comes back a year later hotter than ever and out for her revenge. You know what they say. Karma is a bitch. 

     A werewolf romance book filled with comedy, thriller, and a whole lot of regrettable choices. 

Warning: Full of curse words and cliches ^3^ Still give it a chance though, please ^-^

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With the amount of white wolves on Wattpad they're not rare you can turn your because and see at least 5
Nisa_Ly Nisa_Ly Nov 08
Ofc it’s every where we call this the White wolf trending.
slayoland slayoland Oct 16
okay one thing i don’t understand is what they think they’re going to do after rejecting their mate.... like she’s the only mate ure gonna have soooo who’s going to be the Luna? Oxygen?
LoriMandle LoriMandle Oct 22
Good girl for not being the usual rejected girl and actually showing him some decent backbone
Ummm You go girl, ur Badass side is showing 😂😂😁😁
goldie2100 goldie2100 Oct 21
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