Vampire Prince and His Hybrid (YoonMin) Completed

Vampire Prince and His Hybrid (YoonMin) Completed

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Penguin By PirateJunHao Completed

Park Jimin, a hybrid cat slave bought by the Vampire Prince, Min Yoongi. He thought he would be a slave but he never knew he would be more than that.

Warning: boyxboy, mature, mpreg

Ships: YoonMin, Namjin, VHopeKook

KaitoKooks KaitoKooks Sep 02
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The first thing I thought when I saw this was, Coraline, the movie. 😂 It freaked me out until I realized it was actually cute. 😇
yellow-ssi yellow-ssi Oct 14
That's so cute. I'M HURT. I thought this is gonna be angsty and Yoongi will treat Jimin badly but omfg. So cute >< Alright. Next~
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aesthyoongi aesthyoongi Sep 22
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