Mafiatale Sans X Reader!❤️

Mafiatale Sans X Reader!❤️

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Loving Sans By dreemurring_of_sans Updated 4 days ago

WARNING!!!Strong sex scenes,violence and swearing.LEMON STYLE!!!

You knew something was up when your father returned home drunk that fateful night.He beat your Mother,then he beat you...

Then these gunners came in,shooting your father to the ground.You felt really good when you saw his blood spilt,but also wanted to kill the shooters.You had loved your father very much before it all happened.The gunners took your beaten mother somewhere and checked the room for you.

They failed.

You snatched your fathers gun,his fedora hat, your mothers necklace with a read heart pendant and jumped out the window.You landed on a sharp bottle of glass.You screamed as something picked you up.

Vivika43 Vivika43 4 days ago
What did you do to make your pants angry did you forget to wash them
WrennaLindsley WrennaLindsley 6 days ago
Oh. Well I guess it doesn't matter if I read it wrong now. Lel
WrennaLindsley WrennaLindsley 6 days ago
At first I read it as 'snuggle closer to Sans.' I was like: "Holy shít are we getting into it this early?!" XD
Who else thought that she stopped and dabbed *reads comments* I knew it XD
WussupHomeSkillet WussupHomeSkillet 4 days ago
WAIT!!! SANS!! NO!! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS!!! I WILL CALL MY PEOPLE ON YOU!!! (Nah I would never do that. They'll get killed anyway.)
You just wait asgore because seven more children are going to come after the reader