Why Harry Potter Dominates Twilight

Why Harry Potter Dominates Twilight

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Potterheads and Twihards may both comment. As a Potterhead, I don't discriminate! 
Please enjoy!
And I want to see some arguments up in here!

Tia_Ziad Tia_Ziad Jan 04
I'm sorry but ...
                              Jingle bells 
                              Twilight smells
                              Edward ran away
                              Bella Died 
                              Jacob cried 
                              Potter all the way 
                              HEY !
                              Again I'm sorry ..
AlicePotter16 AlicePotter16 3 days ago
Witches Twilight for the first time today and I was like, wtf am I watching!
catsmas catsmas Dec 02, 2016
How do you even compare twilight to Harry Potter? In no offence to those who like twilight, but, it does look like actual sh*t compared to hp.
dramioneiscool dramioneiscool Dec 04, 2016
i've never heard of the name for the twilight fandom, but it literally sounds like "try hards"
calledpottah calledpottah Nov 26, 2016
I wondef if there would be a WW2 between potterheads and twihards lol
TheQuirkyWaffle TheQuirkyWaffle Nov 25, 2016
and by no offence you mean all offence, give or take a couple degrees of 'you people seriously don't know what your missing'