Clorox (Leafy X Reader)

Clorox (Leafy X Reader)

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Eliza Bitch By LeafyIsLief Completed

You've known Calvin for years. 

You were his first girlfriend, his first kiss, and even his first break-up.

But what happens when after years of friendship, things go back to what they were?

And what happens when a person he considered a SO-called "Friend" comes back into your lives?

|Mature: Use of strong language, Death/Suicide, use of alcohol and drugs, some sexual humor.|

iiwestcoast iiwestcoast Aug 26
"I'm more then just a number,I doubt you'll find another,so every single summer,I'll be the one that you remember"
                              Song:"find your love" by Drake 
                              Album:"Thank me later"
definitely "earns" a place in my leafy reading list. lol I'm saying it like it's some kind of honor.
alexperq alexperq Sep 05
This is wonderful.
                              And I'm starting to get used with the (y/n) thing :/
I would tell them the time I saw a boy got beat up by a girlx
I read leafy x reader wrong at the bottom and read it as leafy x the comments..
atxmicmari atxmicmari Aug 08
I can't wait to see more of this.  But is Bleach included in the mug? 😂