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Dad By breakyourarm Completed

(josh dun/tyler joseph)

knowing who you are has always been a challenge for josh, and especially trying to find self confidence. he's never liked himself very well, and tyler wants to fix that in any way he can. 

unfortunately, tyler has an odd view of things, and a weird way of saying them. 

call it intelligence, call it stupidity; josh just really loves him. 

(lowercase  intended.)


august 6, 2016 - september 3, 2016

Jaspi-Lulu Jaspi-Lulu Mar 12
My name is Tyler
                              I am a poet
                              I wrote this poem just to show it
                              And I just turned 9
                              You can write rhymes but you can't write mine!
mindforest mindforest Dec 20, 2016
Ruby your royaltyyy in there homeland they all call you queen c:
mindforest mindforest Dec 20, 2016
I, have killed a bug and all I know, is I am on the run and go
mommadun mommadun Jan 03
usually i put stink bugs in a jar or something but spiders fuckkk thatt
1-800-BESTFREN 1-800-BESTFREN Dec 13, 2016
"there's a bug on piano, josh can you take this bug for me" *josh comes and crushes the bug*
i'm listening to house of gold and he sang queen as i read it lmao