SU Steven Universe X Reader

SU Steven Universe X Reader

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Your mother was a gem apart of Rose Quartz rebellion. She had been concealed as a human for thousands of years after being separated from the other Crystal Gems. When your mother fell in love with your father, she retracted into her gem to have you. 

You grew to become a beautiful young lady, just as you mother was, but in some freak "accident" at sea killing your father and leaving you stranded at sea, you wash up on the shore of a small town called Beach City. There, a young man named Steven trips over you, you almost die and you might have found your true love. 

What will happen when the gems find out your secret, what your gem is hiding? Why is your gem where it's at, and what will Steven do when you have to choose between doing what's right, or following your gems destiny?

Read and find out.

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Love_Isnt_My_Thing Love_Isnt_My_Thing Aug 21, 2017
Am I the only one who glanced at this and thought it said Peridot?
GalacticFangirl GalacticFangirl Jun 10, 2017
Mmm Steven if you know anything about that ocean, those letters will be gone when you come back, and you'll probably never find them 😅
DestiPurr DestiPurr Nov 17, 2017
                              SAND IS THE WORST
                              I HATE IT WHEN IT GETS ON MY FEET
                              SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE
AwkwardQueeennnnn AwkwardQueeennnnn Dec 22, 2017
Because I'm getting Undertale vibes, I wanna do Bacon, but I think I'll just do my name.
xxSmolPhanGirlxx xxSmolPhanGirlxx Sep 06, 2017
*throws samx in the air* Its fun!!
                              Sand: *hits a few people*
                              Crowd: OW!!
                              Sorry!! *runs away*
Luova-Lola Luova-Lola Mar 15, 2017
OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Your descriptions are you vivid!! I can't even right now!!!