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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle." 
~Albert Einstein

The world has chewed up and spit out Eleanor Robinson again and again. It began with her parents, one taken by a tragedy, one addicted to horrific drugs, and a brother who's too boozed out to know if she's alive or dead. Alone in the world, Ellie isn't exactly sure of how life works, of how anything works, really. 

The only two people she has that even remotely understand are Sebastian and Scarlett, a pair of siblings that remind her so much of her own family, it's hard to be around them sometimes. When the trio finally move in together after being friends for almost three years, they end up closer than ever. But the move brings along another problem into Ellie's life. 

Cole Everett is a fighter. From the moment he was cast aside by his family, he's had to fight for scraps at the orphanage dinner table, fight for a spot in the light of his foster family's eyes, and fight for the love of his adoptive parents. It seemed like he never won when it came to personal battles, but in the ring... In the ring, he owned the world. 

Years and years of the world kicking Cole's ass has shaped him into the fighter Ellie and everyone else sees him as. But the world has also shaped Ellie, and the sweet, heavy-hearted girl paints on a façade that seems only Cole can break through. 

As the pair attempt to navigate a decent enough relationship to be in the same room as one another without going for the throat, the people around them float between blurred lines of friend or foe. Hearts clash, past enemies arise, and the pair's hearts hang in the balance of it all.

#3 in Teen Fiction 6/14/2020