Mated With My Own Worst Enemy?

Mated With My Own Worst Enemy?

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Jade Lightwood, named for her bright green eyes, is a werewolf, and an important one at that.  She’s unique for a wolf because of the fact that she, as well as her twin brother Micah, have special powers.  These powers come from the fact that their father is the alpha of their pack.  They are both exceptional warriors and very strong tacticians which comes in handy as they are members of a pack that fights with their neighboring pack fairly often.  Micah is next in line for being alpha, and he has already found his mate, but Jade has had no such luck.  Not that she wants a mate though.  She’s the kind of girl that doesn’t believe in love and thinks that all the love stories are garbage.  Boy was she wrong…

Cole Hunt, is the son of the alpha of his pack.  As the oldest son, he’s next in line for being alpha, but that’s not something he wants.  He’s a total jackass as well as a player and is always pulling idiotic stunts to see if his father won’t change his mind about him becoming alpha in the future.  After being sent away to military school for a year, he’s finally back home to face everyone that he had left behind.  He’s not looking for a mate, but he may just find one on his return home.

Both Jade and Cole hate each other more than anything.  They are members of two opposing packs, and besides, Cole had done some pretty terrible things to Jade in the past.  But when Cole comes home after his year away and the two run in to each other, they shockingly discover that they are mates.  Will the two be able to fight the attraction that they feel towards each other or is it just a matter of time before they have to face the truth?  And are the two the fated heroes of a prophecy who’s romance brings two rivaling packs together?  Read to find out!

I just snorted at the thought of him wearing designer suits at military school!
She wrote that on his fb wall?
                              I love her!
                              I would have probably DM him that.
IHaveNo_Filter IHaveNo_Filter May 06, 2017
He doesn't even know...if someone hates you it's usually for a reason....he so ignorant rn
eveleal eveleal Apr 16, 2017
Isn't it pointless that she has healing powers when werewolves can heal on their own?
raneeburns333 raneeburns333 Jun 08, 2016
I like the fact that she is independent. It builds a great character, I am tired of main characters being need. Good job, her personality is great already 😁
hauntcbdead hauntcbdead Sep 04, 2016
She would have to be named at least a week after her birth then. ¿??¿¿?