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Jeon Jimin 👑 By propertyofjimjams Updated Dec 05, 2017

Jimin only plays around, everything is one time to him - no labels, no attachments- that's why he is often called a "fuckboy". He was still fooling around but ended up being chained in a relationship with a rich neat freak, Jeon Jungkook, who reads and believes in his daily horoscope but, he isn't just your average boy. 

Jimin did things that he hasn't done before - an attachment  to his first 'Boyfriend'. 

Will Park Jimin try and walk out of Jeon Jungkook's life or will he stay and fall for him deeper? 

(A Jikook fan fiction )


Started: August 25, 2016
End : ---

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totally normal to carry alcohol and a box of kleenex around in school
23crystaloskij 23crystaloskij Oct 13, 2017
i know, but a little dash of yoonmin or vmin is perfect in a jikook
myaliya myaliya Dec 04, 2017
I hate yoonmin so much I'm so sorry I just can't accept its existence :") like I really dislike myself for that cause I hate shipwars but not yoonmin
bomb_diggity_bagel bomb_diggity_bagel Aug 25, 2017
TheOdoSiA wriTeS leTtErS to mE evRyDaY
                              I'll just take my Hamilton trash self and follow the yellow brick rode to-- yeailljustgoville