On Purpose {jυdy х nιcĸ}

On Purpose {jυdy х nιcĸ}

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Pixar & Flatta Hell By mlpgfsvtfoesulover Completed

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. The two best cops on the force, the best partners in crime, in top ten best Zootube channel owners, and the best of friends. However, Nick wanted more than a friendship. He adored his partner, but she felt a different way.

When her new boyfriend, Jax Spike, is suspicious and untrustworthy in Nick's eyes, Judy begins to change for the worst in every way. How will Nick save his Carrots from a regretting and defective phase? And how will Judy realize her true feelings for a certain someone? 


KevinStoner KevinStoner Nov 03
Th3 shipname from them is Wildehopps or Junick for example ^^