Red and Blue | Klance Oneshots

Red and Blue | Klance Oneshots

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princess of mars By MiniSpaceExplorer Updated Jan 11

A collection of Klance one shots for the needs of shippers. From flower fields to accidental kisses, everything is here. 

Warning - Features some fluff. May cause extreme emotional pain, as well as sudden tantrums or uncontrollable crying. Read at your own risk.

[ Currently; On Hold ]

- - May 20
Write a oneshot of lance a lion and keith a snake and they have to cross a giant bridge to get to a giant pot of lucky charms or else the universe will collapse.
*makes triggered face* *makes normal face* *cries while lao*
Okie even tho i read a lot of smut i will sit on this fluffy pillow
YES!!! Thank you so much for this, I hate smut. I love sex jokes in some fanfics or talk about it and one being embarrassed by it or something but seriously I don't want to feel like I'm reading porn, I'm an innocent little child! (That's a lie but still)
Can you write smut? Pretty please with a cherry on top!? (I'm a rebel)
u should do one where anything your soulmate sings, you sing. ive seen one before and i loved it