Ghost Story

Ghost Story

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Jordan By __CaptainSwan__ Completed

Some people believe in ghosts. 

Some people don't. 

As for Emma Nolan, she was never a skeptic. She always had some idea that spirits that had unfinished business in the real world, weren't able to be at rest in the afterlife.

But the day her parents buy an old, Victorian house, her beliefs are put to the test if spirits are real or not. 

To see if this is just one big ghost story, or a true story.

When he said cookies this is what I imagined.
                              "Neal broke up with me." Emma said crying.
                              "Aww. Have a cookie." David said shoving a cookie in her mouth.
                              Idk why I thought that but I did.
Okay that story is going to be one of the best stories. It made me feel everything from the first chapter! It's just WOW!!!
AMAZING! I NEED MORE! Honestly I feel like that with all of your stories
Is it bad that i just remember thats these are characters from Once Upon a Time
THIS IS SO GOOOOOOD! Like no really man! Great another book I'm gonna be obsessed with😂🌚💞
This is amazing but to be totally honest, I'm already scared 😂😍