I'm Pregnant {Riley Matthews}

I'm Pregnant {Riley Matthews}

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❝I'm sorry, daddy. It just happened.❞

❝Riley, you weren't thinking, that's what happened.❞
❝Dad, what I need right now is support.❞
❝I'm sorry, Riley. Wait, who is the father?❞
Wanna know who's the father? How is Maya going to react? Guess you'll have to read it to find out!


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beanfuls beanfuls May 17, 2017
I have a feeling this is riarkle,judging by the beginning of the book but either way I also ship rucas so.. : )
BriannaMChrysler BriannaMChrysler Nov 27, 2017
She said THEM!!!!!!! Which means there is more than one😊😊😊
Lelina_2002 Lelina_2002 Feb 11
In my country the legal age for sex is 15 and if someone older than 15 force a younger than 15 to sex he/she can go to jail.
Kimiki13 Kimiki13 Jul 16, 2017
This would be classed as pedophilia as she is under age and I assume that the person who got her pregnant is older
AlexsyDavis AlexsyDavis Sep 09, 2017
At first I was so confused! But I understand now. So basically Topanga wakes up Riley at 6:45 each day but Riley woke up earlier than that so she could get a test.
tracelingtwins tracelingtwins Jun 06, 2017
Volcano +  life lesson = Riley exsplodes instead of the volcano LMAO