DEAF - Septiplier

DEAF - Septiplier

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pluto By BooperDooper777 Updated 2 days ago

Jack moves in next door to Mark. Jack is deaf, Mark is not. Soon after they meet, they quickly become best friends, then the most loved couple until a group of guys has different plans. 


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So then your mum knows that you're *cough*
                              *throws rainbow confetti* HeLLa gAy?!?
leaftint leaftint Sep 03
good morning 
                              hello to the ladybugs
                              insert other stupid phrases
                              about waking up
Blueknight575 Blueknight575 Dec 28, 2016 it just me? I dont mean to be mean(heh) I acutally like the way this story is being written but
                              Why do writers say shake when they mean nod!!!
Maybe they were banging each other 😏😏 Okay I'll leave now..
BrendonsFiddlestick BrendonsFiddlestick Nov 16, 2016
                              More like 
                              GOD LET THERE BE LIGHT!
                              I mean uh darkness like my heart
                              Emo much? 
                              Ah shush
Why does it seem that every septiplier story, jack is disabled or hurt????