Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

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♦️HARLEY QUINN♦️ By Harley-Quinn-Here Updated Jan 28, 2017


"Hey fella!" I said wiggling my fingers to my boss.

"How are you." 

"Oh I'm doin great! Is there someone I need to check with today if not I'd like to take a day off. I'm exhausted!"

He sighs.
"I wish I could give you a day off but unfortunately today might change the way you think about this place. And I know you find crazy things interesting.."


"Well a new patient just came in and we can only depend on you to communicate with him."

"Oh...well then. That's thoughtful of whoever gave me that opportunity." I stated forcing a smile.

 "Well let me warn you. This one will be by far the worst patient you'll ever have."

"Alright lil horror movie narrator lemme check him out." I laughed.

"Your okay with that?"

"No biggie! I'll be fine. I'll fix him up in no time! Haha."

"You say that all the time quinzel."

"I know. And look. Look at the people I talked to in the past. Now There good guys."

My boss grabbed a folder and attempted to hand it to me. 

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jokerscrazybaby jokerscrazybaby Aug 31, 2016
I love the pictures that you use at the top of each chapter!!
XxMinJaneyxX XxMinJaneyxX Nov 03, 2016
Wrong it should be:
                              "I helped you!"
                              "You left me in a black hole of rage and confusion."
                              "I hought I helped you."
pastelpentagramss pastelpentagramss Jan 27, 2017
Putting. Not pudding. I like pudding because it is yummy. Bye.