Sexual Desire

Sexual Desire

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_JayBourgeois_ By LTNation93 Updated Nov 26

"Oh my god" was all she could say as he was walking towards her. She had been trying to hold in her feelings toward her boss.. It seemed like no matter how hard she tried he did something that caught her attention. 

He walked up to her and picked her up putting her against the wall and kissed her... Those feelings she has for him are about to get released... She can't believe this is happenening... But no one can know about it... Good thing everyone was on break because all you would be able to hear was her moans and his groans... He kissed her to silence her sweet screams that filled the room.. 

Neither one of them wanted this to end.

DAMMIT HE MARRIED! She prob a hoe anyway!😂😂😂 I have got to stop lol
I wonder if Josh is gonna cause trouble now that he's fired😕
LTNation93 LTNation93 Oct 10
@Bourgeois_freak_LB Lol awww, why you say that? and thank you