Texting | Joker

Texting | Joker

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♡ By MinJoker Updated Sep 08, 2016

Harleen: Speaking of that, who are you??

Unknown: So intense. Too bad I won't tell ya yet. where's the fun in that?

Harleen: I swear I'll kill you if I ever see you..

Unknown: Seems like murder is your thing too aye? We could be perfect for each other.

Harleen: Your crazy.. 

Unknown: Are you sweet talkin me? All of that chit-chats gonna get ya hurt. 

♦︎In which Harleen Quinzel grows a crazy sick twisted love for the person behind the screen. Not believing she's texting Joker, even though he tells her he is. Who knew a single text can change her to the new improved Harley Quinn♦︎

Gayforstylesx Gayforstylesx Sep 03, 2016
WCHRIQOCNBRPSOQJNFN IFOEJ SNCB BFHCHR if I was her at that moment I would of claimed him as mine😂😍
youainthayes youainthayes Aug 29, 2016
Oh my... I think i just died of seeing too much hotness in  1 picture. @_multistory_ plz help me.
youainthayes youainthayes Aug 29, 2016
Jiminty_ Jiminty_ Aug 17, 2016
DAYMM!!!!!! Yes, please. I'd like an order of him, please. WHY IS HE SOOOOOOOO HOT!??!?!??!!??!!
Property_Of_Mistah_J Property_Of_Mistah_J Sep 13, 2016
❤❤❤❤🃏🃏🃏🃏 Daddy! 🃏🃏🃏🃏❤❤❤❤
the-joker-quinn the-joker-quinn Aug 27, 2016
my mommy and my daddy are mistah J and Harley Quinn not Quenzel.
                               where is my mommy?!