High School For The Insane

High School For The Insane

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♕ call me ellie ♕ By HarleyThatCutieQuinn Completed

This is my first ever Wattpad story that I started the day I joined so let me tell you, this sucks. Even more than my current writing. There's a lot of typos, bad grammar and terrible jokes/puns. Read at your own risk.


In a special place, isolated from the rest of Gotham city there's a high school, but not any high school... A high school for the insane.

When Harley gets sent to stay at Arkham High School The Joker takes an interest in her and her friends Ivy and Catwoman do their very best to stop him from getting to her. Is it too late?

This is my first book form this account, there's loads of typos and it's really badly written. You have been warned...

- u n d e r . c o n s t r u c t i o n -
[currently editing]

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-mrstreestump- -mrstreestump- Sep 03, 2016
No eddie? But how can I ship Jonathan and Eddie if there is no Exdie?
Mad_Hatter_65 Mad_Hatter_65 Sep 25, 2016
Wow, it's only the first day she's looking at The Joker like a candy bar
_LISA_BLINK_ _LISA_BLINK_ Aug 28, 2016
Soon as I saw this I was crying of joy I need more high school jarley 😂😂😂