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Keeper of Protection (Paperjam) :: Undertale

Keeper of Protection (Paperjam) :: Undertale

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♡ more espresso less depresso ♡ By singingfoxy_ Completed

Ink and Error have, for the most part, escaped to safety. One day, after a child named Paperjam is created, the two must care for him while avoiding the unknown threat looming over them.
|sequel to creator of destruction|
|contains: inkxerror, paperjamxfresh, one sided dreamxink, one sided crossxnightmare, violence, death, death threats, kidnapping, rape| |tw: death, death threats, kidnapping, rape|

Yunoaccept Yunoaccept 5 days ago
Error: Hey pj you know what you and ink have in common?
                              Error: You both call me daddy 
                              What have i done
                              Thug music
                              I guess daddy is sexual now
Everything :3 well not EVERYTHING if ya know what I mean (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
wait daDDY-
                              AM I THE ONLY WHO FINDS THIS A LITTLE OOODDDDDDD? XD
InkSans34 InkSans34 Feb 01
Love it how most say everything and im here like Nothing Really in my opinion I have no regrets about saying this at all xD I forgive him for destroying AU's and almost killing Ink whatvya expect he didn't know any better it was technically his job lol
InkSans34 InkSans34 Feb 01
I saw my brother burn pizza before xD and I point it out sometimes