NCT and High School Don't Mix!

NCT and High School Don't Mix!

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High school is difficult- there's the grades, the drama, and the fear that Dispatch may come for your soul any second while sasaengs chase you screaming for your blood. Oh wait, that's not everyone? 

Hi, I am Lee Sarang, a new transfer student. My parents wanted me to get a better education and what way is better than shipping their only daughter to a good family friend's house? The thing is, that family friend happens to have a son. 

Lee Taeyong. Funny how we share a last name. 


Lee Sarang is trying her best to adjust to her new surroundings when she finally meets him, the guy her parents won't stop talking about. Although they hit it off right away, Taeyong can't be the protective older brother he is when Sarang steps foot in SOPA. 

Let's just hope the mini rookies are of some help. And the Mark/Jaemin rumors stop. And nobody notices that she sleeps under the same roof as TY Track.  

Also, why is she getting nervous around Mark? And SM wants to do what with her???


Note: This story focuses a lot on the underage members (Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Renjun, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung) but no worries! Everything is age appropriate. There's still a lot of the older members too!

Completed 8/23/2017

Jesus christ I'm literally going to die if he keeps saying noona
It was a beautiful figment of your imagination.
                              TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!
Okay that makes sense. I get why it's called Ty track. I should've thought of that except I thought it was going to be way to go me
Partly a reason why you should take time picking an outfit 😂
KawaiiKotamaDesu KawaiiKotamaDesu Sep 04, 2016
I thought it was going to be 'Lee Mark' or 'Mark Lee' or something