Him (bwwm)

Him (bwwm)

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"WHO THE FUCK WAS HE, HUH!" He screamed at me. His anger was rolling off him in waves. 

"Goddamnit. ANSWER ME ROSE!" 

I just stood there for a moment until I realize something. 

"WE'RE NOT TOGETHER, YOUR NOT MY FATHER AND I DON'T OWE YOU SHIT ESPECIALLY AN EXPLANATION." I shouted back at him. My anger quickly turned into fear as he stalked towards me.  My back it the wall as he trapping me from leaving. 
"You belong to me and only me. No one is allowed to touch you and your not  allowed to touch anyone else." 

I looked at him with disbelief. Going around acting like I'm his slave. 

"I am not your property you do not own me. Like I said before we are not together so I can do whatever I want."  I poked his chest with every word.

I legit thought the sky was falling so I covered my head...I'm a mess
mereschramm mereschramm Sep 10, 2016
This should be interesting! Can't wait to see what happens next :)
MissDimpless_ MissDimpless_ Dec 01, 2016
THERE was NO answer, man you need to sort your hearing out😴😳😂
AriesLaw AriesLaw Nov 07, 2016
I have that book saved in my library and I see no resemblance other than the "don't cut me off ever again" spiel that most dominant male leads say in some if not most stories.
mereschramm mereschramm Sep 10, 2016
That was interesting! I have a feeling he's going to take advantage of her position in the future ;) Great chapter!