Am I Strong Now? (Creek Story)

Am I Strong Now? (Creek Story)

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Dylyn By Rally_With_Me13 Updated Nov 15, 2017

"Tweek, let me put it this way," Craig started, turning towards me. I became nervous of what he would say. Was I a Freak? Annoying?? Did he hate me??? He probably hates me! God, this is too much pressure! 
     "You're weak." He breathed out. I'm I let out a sigh that I soon swallowed. I was weak? Was I really? I mean, I've been picked on since we were kids, surely I was a little strong. I've made it this far, I think I'm strong. I hope. Was I though? Am I weak? Do I look weak? Oh god, now I'm feeling self conscious! Wait, if I'm weak, does that mean Craig won't be my friend anymore?? He's strong! Tough! How would he want to hang out with someone weak?? He won't! I know it! He'll hate me!! I know he will!!! This is too much pressure!!

       "GAAH!" I shout out, grabbing my hair tightly. I'm going to lose Craig! I can't lose Craig! He's all I have! I can NOT lose him!! Please Please Please No No No No No!!  "TOO MUCH PRESSURE!" 

     Craig instantly pulled me in a hug, and pet my hair reassuringly. I grabbed his shirt and began to breathe into it. Oh god, I'm hyperventilating! I can't breathe! Oh Jesus, please see me through this.  Few tears slip out my eyes. 

      I needed to tell him I was strong. I needed to! If he saw I was weak, he would never like me! He won't be my only friend anymore!! I am strong! I have to be!!

      I am strong I am strong I am strong! 

      But before I could tell him, he pulled back and looked at me and stated, 

     "Don't worry though Tweekers, I promise I'll protect you."

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pureclyde pureclyde Oct 04, 2017
@erianna0x i stg if that was a hamilton reference you are a fûcking god(ess)
Tesmoki Tesmoki Jan 18
"Of Alsace Lorraine It does!" 
                              I would never get rid of that joke x)
-injeolmies -injeolmies Aug 12, 2017
looking at those bad comment^^ hhhahh~ typical creek fanfiction always made cartman the badguy
Echo_froggy Echo_froggy Feb 06, 2017
tweek tweak: the name that makes me think of a tiny bird sometimes
Ha ha I just imagined Craig with underwear on top of his pants ....AAAHHHHH I CANT TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUSLY!!!!(*≧∀≦*)
melaninmemequeen melaninmemequeen Nov 28, 2016
you fat f.uck, you know that hurt him more than you should've