[currently editing] "Suicideboy" [a septiplier fanfic]

[currently editing] "Suicideboy" [a septiplier fanfic]

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*mothman noises* By burrakusora Completed

[COMPLETED] Mark doesn't know why he followed that one Instagram account called "suicideboy". 
It didn't had any posts and the name was...let's just say he normally wouldn't follow these kinda accounts.
The owner never posted anything and Mark forgot about it.
One year later he got that one notification, which changed his life.

"Suicideboy posted his/her first Photo"

Warning contains boyxboy, depression, anxiety, selfharm....
if those things are triggering you please don't read it (: 
for the other ones: 
enjoy my crappy ff ^^

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- - Jun 15
FEFE!! WHY WOULD TOU DO THIS TO GREEN POODIEPIE *slaps poods across the face*
MkUltimate MkUltimate Jun 30
Mk-growls lightly-
                              Person: are you ok?
                              Mk:I'm perfectly fine.
                              -starts to rage in a fiery hell- 
I ship them both... But don't know ow which to ship moree!!!
Dorothy1600 Dorothy1600 Sep 12
;-;... I have no words...
                              Well... actually I do... Pewdiecry!!
I will commit suicide if this ends up being a pewdieplier stroy... ;-;