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"Suicideboy" [a septiplier fanfic]

"Suicideboy" [a septiplier fanfic]

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Eren Gayger By burrakusora Completed

[COMPLETED] Mark doesn't know why he followed that one Instagram account called "suicideboy". 
It didn't had any posts and the name was...let's just say he normally wouldn't follow these kinda accounts.
The owner never posted anything and Mark forgot about it.
One year later he got that one notification, which changed his life.

"Suicideboy posted his/her first Photo"

Warning contains boyxboy, depression, anxiety, selfharm....
if those things are triggering you please don't read it (: 
for the other ones: 
enjoy my crappy ff ^^

Dreambiglove101 Dreambiglove101 6 days ago
Noppers no pesos here!I ain't no stalker you are!STOP JUDGING ME!
                              Bored and tired af right Now not gonna lie
Twinkle twinkle little top look at what you've done to me used to be a little ship now I need to get get a grip twinkle twinkle   OTP THERE IS NO WAY TO BE FREE!
Honestly, the way I see Felix for Jack  is the protective older brother, and Marks always gotta have permissions from him to be around Jack.
Septic_Mack Septic_Mack 7 days ago
*Stabs with a marshmellow knife*
                              Its too fluffy to kill people
*reposts* I suffer from depression, anxiety ands I am thinking about self harm 
                              Halp me!
ozbertforever ozbertforever 5 days ago
                              (rage quits and comes back to read later)