Royal Wolves [Book 1: Royal Series] ✔️

Royal Wolves [Book 1: Royal Series] ✔️

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Arianna has been bullied most of her teen life. Her family are the only reason that she still remains strong. She has a heart of pure gold and she sees the good in everyone. 
Arianna thought she was just another normal human being. Well besides the whole bullying part. That isn't exactly normal. She knew that part at least, but what she didn't know was that she isn't exactly human either.

She is a werewolf. Well, half one anyway. 

Arianna and her twin sisters 18th birthday is close by, pulling the strings of fate and putting in motion destinies. 

So add in a bunch of new people, a new set of skin, a particular loving mate and whole heap of royalness, you have Arianna's destiny.

And yet, it's only just the beginning.

It's a crappy book, I know. It gets better further through the chapters (hopefully). 
Will soon be rewritten :p
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Book 1: Royal Wolves 
Book 2: Royal Rogue 

(PS this is my first book)

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jorgewilly jorgewilly Nov 20
Little do you know 
                              How I’m breaking 
                              When you fall asleep 
                              Little do you know 
                              I’m still haunted by the memories...
Ok I just wanted to say in the description you said this book was crappy that was a lie I'm obsessed with this book I've read it about 3 times now and I just love it it's amazing!
I'm an idiot I know but is it pronounced I-an or E-an irdk 😂
TwinkleOn_ TwinkleOn_ May 07
Its great!! I like Arianna Jacobs already. She's different from Lauren but great as she is.
I'm an identical twin and that is a very stereotypical, not all twins do that but it's the same with just two friends it's just when ur twins people notice it more 😀
Thetris__ Thetris__ Mar 30
 #rr love this book so much I had to come back and read it again