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HEAVENLY ↦ james potter

HEAVENLY ↦ james potter

12.4K Reads 354 Votes 5 Part Story
MARAUDERS By pottersnitch Updated Sep 04, 2016

In which Eleanor Adams falls for the boy with the goofiest grin at Hogwarts.

"heaven is a place on earth with you"
↦ james potter 

[marauders era]

Acciokys Acciokys Jan 12
Okay this is getting creepy. Literally most of your characters are the ones I used for my book Patronus xD
CityOfFandoms_0 CityOfFandoms_0 Dec 28, 2016
Why does he look like that got you have known forever but you never get round to punching them coz they slither their way out of situations like a eel
post-meridiem post-meridiem Dec 20, 2016
I can actually kind of see him as James or Sirius– maybe Sirius more XD
SienaRT SienaRT Sep 09, 2016
Austin Grant better be a good character, because you can't be bad with Troye Sivan's face.
Its_mehamitee Its_mehamitee Dec 15, 2016
Great, I'm seeing a lot of  OC's and I can already tell how this story is going to go. 😒