Harley Quinn + The Joker One Shots

Harley Quinn + The Joker One Shots

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~Harley Quinn And The Joker One Shots~

Pretty self explanatory really; mini love stories between Harley Quinn and The Joker.

. . .

WARNING! This story is rated mature for a reason, it has strong language and hints at mature scenes (don't actually wrote about mature scenes because I'm not comfortable with that). I also don't own the characters in the story because the belong to DC universe . However, I do own the plot line which is copyrighted, therefore, it's illegal to copy.

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You Should Harley most people would kill for a body like yours
spobysjoker spobysjoker Sep 28
Hahahaha omgg I’m drying I can’t keep a straight face 😂😂😂😂😂😂
LunaIrene LunaIrene Jan 08
Me: *dies from cuteness*
                              Friend: *sighs* *ressurects me* you really need to stop doing that this is like the 200 th time already 
                              Me: actually 119 to be exact and I can't help it I'm a FANGIRL
                              Friend: yea yea whatever I better not have to resurrect you again got it good!
kirinwrites kirinwrites Oct 13, 2016
Hi I know this is weird this is to the creator but your song is so pretty I would love to sing it on YouTube and give a shout out.  
                              I know such a weird fan
sweetpichberry sweetpichberry Oct 17, 2016
Now that we talk about it—I want a one shot bout' this one Pls
Eyeless_4_Ever Eyeless_4_Ever Nov 27, 2016
The crop top and the pale pink skirt reminds me of what Melanie Martinez was wearing in her Carousel music video. Anyone else??