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AshleyValentine__ By AshleyValentine__ Updated Oct 25

It's a love/hate thing now, me and him. We get strung out on each other, just like we get strung out on the drugs. We shoot up and fuck. Smoke and fuck. Snort and fuck. Drink and fuck. Sometimes we just fuck. And sometimes we just get wasted. Sometimes we don't see each other for days or weeks even, except when I come to get my shit. But I always come back, and he's always waiting.  

No matter what it is, we're in it together. We hate each other because we can't quit each other, and we can't quit the drugs. I love him because he's got the shit, and he loves me because I need the shit. 

But he hates me for keeping him tied to the business, and I hate him for getting me hooked.

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