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Kidnapped by the gangleader (DISCONTINUED)

Kidnapped by the gangleader (DISCONTINUED)

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I need a dog By theorderofthePH Updated Feb 25

"Clearly your parents dropped you on your head as a child, actually no,"I pause as he looks at me angrily and decide to test him,"They must've thrown you at a wall really hard, can't say I blame them to be honest."
Meet Savannah Wills, a normal teenage girl with an unhealthy obsession for food and llamas.
During a late night hunt for chipotle, she accidentally ends up drugged in the back of a rather fancy black car. 
A drugged up hungry teenage girl and a temperamental, arrogant man? What could possibly go wrong? Join Savannah on a tale of love, lies and a butt-load of laughs!

He is my man yes I am a full fledge belieber and your forgiven
I hate him but yes I agree. The songs are kinda good lol. Back then in 2009 he was so adorable...Now look at him!! LOOK AT HIM! SEARCH UP A PICTURE! I DARE YOU! DO IT. NOWWW!!
Busted_PJ Busted_PJ Mar 20
Oh My Gosh I Love I Love Chipotle,Chipotle Is My Life
                              Also everyone knows someone who prounces it like Chipolee
- - Jun 23
I honestly dont like him but it's true he got some pretty catchy ass music have you heard despacito?
I want a sibling, but then again I don't. I'm not good at sharing things. I will eat something on the bus or have gum and people with be like animals "OH GIMME ONE!!" Or whatever I will hit them in the head with my bottle. And it's not one of those cheap plastics one either so it hurts. :3
Busted_PJ Busted_PJ Mar 20
So my door is cracked where you could only stick your hand out so someone turns on the hall light my heart litreally went bam I screamed