Arranged To Be Mine || Wattys 2017

Arranged To Be Mine || Wattys 2017

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First Book In the To Be Mine series 

Just like a real relationship, they loved each other. Even though they were forced to at first.
  Bailey Barret is 19 year old who never asks for attention and never receives it. He's everything you'd ever want in a son but his parents fail to notice. Bailey never asks for anything because he knows they don't have enough money to buy him a bed. To his parent's advantage, with his small frame and cute face, it's hard not to mistake him as a girl, but it shouldn't matter if he's getting married to the same gender.
  Wessly Aldrin is a 27 year old who is praised by everyone and has all the attention he doesn't want. He wants to live a quiet life, but that's almost impossible when he has different girls every day. When his playboy ways start affecting business, his father refuses to hand over the company to him. Wessly would do anything to live the life a luxury, so his father's solution was to wed him.
  So when Bailey's father is in debt to Wessly's father, he sees this as an opportunity. With no way to stop the wedding, they end up living together but it doesn't feel that way to Bailey. Wessly ignore him and he's rarely home, but he's used to it. As time passes, Wessly begins having a hard time ignoring the boy who saved him.

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Omfg my grandpa's name is Richard but people call him Dick but not like the penis kind of jackass one  lol
And at that moment the hand started to cry because it felt guilty for causing such trouble
Btsfan89 Btsfan89 Sep 20
You know I use to be normal but Wattpad changed my life!! I Don't REGRET ANYTHING!!
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Baekhyun looks so cute but... XIUMIN IS CUTER! Listen to that boy pronounce "Marshmallow" and congrats you have lived.
lincvinyl lincvinyl Jan 18
rereading since it has been a long time since I read it and I think I'm kind of lost with what are recently happening XD
KemNanaCoq KemNanaCoq Oct 18, 2016
Hell yeah I love the dark side😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍