Hinata X Reader ~ Sun & Rain

Hinata X Reader ~ Sun & Rain

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Hinata finds himself attracted to a girl in his year named (l/n) (y/n). However, how to approach her is a mystery to him since he knows nothing about her and only ever sees her by herself with nothing but a book. 

After a small incident, Hinata is told by (y/n)'s older sister Sachi that (y/n) and herself live with their grandmother after their parents had a divorce and that after a while was diagnosed with social anxiety.

Hinata there and then makes a solemn oath that he will drag (y/n) out of the darkness and into the light now matter what it takes.


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ImALittlePanChild ImALittlePanChild Dec 21, 2017
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh b/c he nice? Lol and he’s hot so yea keep him
ImALittlePanChild ImALittlePanChild Dec 21, 2017
Im lonely.....KIDDING just because I’m alone doesn’t mean i lonely
Alright,Hinata stop eating cloud 9  before Y/N call the police for smiling like creep.
Sun colour from space is orange 
                              Hinata's hair and eyes are orange
                              HINATA IS SUN CONFIRMED
                              *put illuminaaaaati song here*
_BurriTooru _BurriTooru Jan 21
Me: *is sleeping*
                              *hinata burst through my door smiling brightly*
                              Hinata: MIYUKI-CHAN ITS MORNING COME ON WAKE UP!*smiles more brightly*
                              Me:*groaned and fall of the bed* 
                              Hinata: M-MIYUKI-CHAN?!
                              Me: whY ThE F aCk iS ThE SuN iNsIdE oF mY rOoM?
SadAwkwardFangirl SadAwkwardFangirl Nov 23, 2017
"It's too bright"
                              Me everyday when I step out of my house. Even though it's cloudy.