Hinata X Reader ~ Sun & Rain

Hinata X Reader ~ Sun & Rain

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(∩^o^)⊃-☆ Dirty Wishes By hinata_boke1513 Completed

Hinata finds himself attracted to a girl in his year named (l/n) (y/n). However, how to approach her is a mystery to him since he knows nothing about her and only ever sees her by herself with nothing but a book. 

After a small incident, Hinata is told by (y/n)'s older sister Sachi that (y/n) and herself live with their grandmother after their parents had a divorce and that after a while was diagnosed with social anxiety.

Hinata there and then makes a solemn oath that he will drag (y/n) out of the darkness and into the light now matter what it takes.


mrs_shim mrs_shim Oct 23, 2016
i could hear jacksepticeye yelled like a boss for no reason in my head
SociallyAwkwardKy SociallyAwkwardKy Dec 11, 2016
Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster
                              So testosterone boys and harlequin girls!!!!
Midnight-Ravencrow Midnight-Ravencrow Nov 22, 2016
The brighter the sun is, the brighter the moon will be, I believe. You reflect his light, right, Tsukki-chan?
Happy_theexceed Happy_theexceed Dec 18, 2016
lmao no one should have regrets for doing something so perfect
When you get to excited for me this is what I'm gonna say @TheSassMasta_