The Stilinski twin | Aiden

The Stilinski twin | Aiden

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Haley Stilinski was dragged into the world of supernatural and beyond insanity. Balance that with being a teenage girl, AND a stilniski twin- then you get a problem. Haley has to balance being protected by her real brother and surrogate brother, along with protecting them with no supernatural help. 

When a new alpha pack comes to town, haley refuses to think that the two new twins have anything to do with it. Becoming quite fond of one of them. Stiles is quick to protest but that doesn't stop the sarcy teenager. 

What will happen when Haley realises aidens connections?

How will it put her in danger?

And how much longer have they really got left?

Probably badly written but I wanted to write it so...

Started end of July 2016

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