Teachers Favorite {ManxMan}

Teachers Favorite {ManxMan}

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Glarchi By Glarchi Updated Mar 07

~Sequel to Daddys Favorite~

Allan hasn't had much luck with relationships ever since his wife passed away. His last two relationships shit. The first one was with a woman who cheated on him and treated him and his sons like shit, and the second one was with his son. Crazy, he knows, but shit happens. Will Allan be able to find love or will he live the rest of his life as a widower? 

Apollo was young, fresh our of school when finally got his dream job, a high school teacher. He enjoys it so much, dedicates everything he has to his job and has been doing it for a few years, so he doesn't have much time for relationships. But, will he be able to find love in the most unexpected place, the school?

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ciel_yokai ciel_yokai Aug 05
Why do they all look the same to me? (Excluding Chris Hemsworth)
xenelesx xenelesx Aug 11
Lollll i started laughing at that and my gma was juss staring at me like tf i was doin xD
AnaCostan AnaCostan Nov 04
I really like the book but I do not ship the relationship and if I could I would break the ship in little peace’s and burn it
*does sign of a cross* god I hope this story doesn't end like the daddy's favorite cuz I'm still not recovering from that  😪😪
I literally just screamed so loud and woke my parents up yesss😂