Best Friends Forever, Right? (Markiplier And Jacksepitceye) (Kinda On Hold?)

Best Friends Forever, Right? (Markiplier And Jacksepitceye) (Kinda On Hold?)

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Oh, Boy By Welp_IDK_So_Yeah Updated May 08, 2017

NO SEPTIPLIER but you still might like it. 

(My first book so sucky AF )

Mark is an outcast in his school. He has trouble with his mom believing that he won't do what he did last year. He is best friends with someone thats even a bigger outcast than he is. 

Jack on the other hand is the popular kid at his school. Everyone loves him. His Bff is the richest kid in the whole school and he gets Straight A's. 


He is having trouble even talking to mark.

Mark absolutely hates him.

Because Jack Ruined his life.

And Mark never wants to talk to him ever again.


When his friend gives him a random number and starts texting.

Will they find out who they are texting is actually each other?

What will happen.



Also the fanart was made by... 

SuperTawaifaQueen on DiviantArt

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Im_Markimoo Im_Markimoo Aug 10, 2016
Look at the picture of Mark and Jack there so adorable!!!!!
                              OMG FANGIRLING!!!!!! XD
madilinehatter madilinehatter Aug 09, 2016
Moooore.  I need moooooore, I can't wait for the next update
EkitaiGold EkitaiGold Nov 27, 2016
( I love PHAN way more than Septiplier though.. But Septiplier is amazing..) waits for haters XD*
NotEden NotEden Aug 09, 2016
What song? :3 (Please don't be stressed out or ride! I mean, they're good in all, but cmon. That's how they got popular. I like hometown and heavy dirty soul.)
madilinehatter madilinehatter Aug 09, 2016
Great story :D the Marc and Shawn part is funny as all heck, even tho I'd drives my CDO(OCD) crazy (:
rileyrosegold rileyrosegold Aug 09, 2016
I love this and you said my one of my bands in here to MCR i love that band not as much as BVB and FIR but i like MCR to lol 😁😁