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Teen Wolf Smuts/Preferences/One-Shots

Teen Wolf Smuts/Preferences/One-Shots

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xmelodyxmx By xmelodyxmx Updated Jan 28

I take requests. Basically the title. Just an awkward, bored, overly obsessive over fictional characters.. The normal.

--Romero --Romero Dec 01, 2016
Name: Terra
                              TW character:the Liam Dunbar
                              Plot: Liam wanted to "study"
                              4: Smut (kinky and hardcore cx)
Pure_Idiots Pure_Idiots Sep 28, 2016
                              Person: Officer Parash
                              Plot:I'm walkinh around town and some rapist triea to rape me but Parash saves me then takea me home and stays and we watch movie and things lead somewhere 😉😉
--Romero --Romero Nov 10, 2016
Name: Terra. 
                              Person: Liam Dunbar. 
                              Plot: Liam catches Scott and I doing "the sex" so Liam gets pissed off and the next time he sees me, he pins me against the wall.. 
                              Type: smut bbg
1. Sabrina
                              2. Scott
                              3. Ethan and Aiden's younger sister
                              4. Smut/One-shot
ShelbyLambert3 ShelbyLambert3 Nov 10, 2016
                              Person: Liam Dunbar  
                              Plot: childhood friend makesout and smut etc idk what else
ArlanHanson ArlanHanson Jan 27
                              Malia and Erica 
                              Allison older cousin (black hair, grey eyes, muscular, Caucasian 
                              Personality: happy/broody, joker, fighter, piano player, fav colours gold and grey
                              Smut threesome