We just met...  (BTS x reader)  [COMPLETED]

We just met... (BTS x reader) [COMPLETED]

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^•^ Bless/Obsess ^•^ By Mitten242 Completed

You love BTS and I mean love BTS. You have all there albums, merchandise and pictures you can afford/find. When you find out you can go to their concert you go CRAZY!! While you're there, you feel like your being watched. This person follows you and you run but who saves you??

WELL HELL YEAS! I actually AM Taehyung as a girl. I'm not kidding. We are the same.
mikowshi mikowshi Jan 20
I can't , I tried to listen to them when I go to sleep but I end up sing along with them 😊
Of course. It's true. *punches Jimin's shoulder softly* We would be friends if we met.
                              Literally but me singing to the newest albums..... And Run and House of Cards and Stigma.......... And every song.
hauntVkill hauntVkill 5 days ago
I mean I would but I always end up singing or humming along and then not being able to fall asleep
Oh yeah, I've done this once or twice. I screamed in my classroom, I was asleep in math class and a friend texted me, "UWAH! I FEEL LIKE I'M BEING PLEASURED!" cause I was having a wet dream of Tae..... I might have been kicked out of the classroom.........