Conspicuous 【Bill Cipher x Reader】

Conspicuous 【Bill Cipher x Reader】

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• standing out so as to be clearly visible.

•attracting notice or attention.

"Your demon is being conspicuous."

You're headed to Gravity Falls, Oregon to start college-- something you've wanted to do for centuries.

Since people eventually got suspicious of your weird behavior and found out you're a demon, you have never gotten the chance.

Then you meet Mabel and Dipper Pines, two adorable twins who accept you for who who you are.

Oddly enough, you enjoy solving mysteries with them. Although you much prefer the company of books to humans, you start tagging along, thinking they could use some extra intellect.

There is one mystery that intrigues you the most;

The Mystery of Bill Cipher.


I'm just tryna be annoying now. There's nothing wrong with this sentence.
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