Things I Find Annoying About Yandere Readers

Things I Find Annoying About Yandere Readers

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Yandere! Emily By YandereEmily Updated Nov 14, 2016

This is an annoying thing I hear all the time. Let me explain what Yandere are.

Yandere comes from two Latin words.

Yan - Meaning to stab repeatingly

Dere - in the pancreas

(This is an Akidearest reference. Please stop pestering me about it. I know Yandere means Love Sick)

Together they become this

See. Pretty messed up (its also messed up that I like psychotic characters and stories. . . maybe I'm a psychopath? Nah!)

Anyway I always hear things like

"That's so messed up! They should just let it go!" or "Why are they doing this? That's barbaric!"

*phone rings* hello this is common sense! Yanderes are monsters! All they want is for their lover to love them! They will get rid of anything in their way to keep them and will hurt or even hurt them!

Ugh I swear some people. Yanderes are mentally sick. They need mental help. They aren't supposed to be calm and normal. Geez. . . 

This chapter is dedicated to pocokitty who is a fabulous wr...

- - Sep 05, 2016
First thoughts: *Looks at comments* his voice? Heh! Not me!
                              When song started: *Literally gets blown back* Holy shi-
                              When Rin appears: GODDAMNIT GAKUPO SHE'S LIKE SEVEN.
66wolfy66 66wolfy66 Dec 14, 2016
My friends call me a yandere because my crush us a female like me so whenever I find out a boy like her I'm quick to scare him off and I get away with it bc she is my closest friend and she's so innocent she doesn't see what's going on 
                              Bu j mean it's not like I've killed anyone......
                              Yet :)
galaxy_fangirl_ galaxy_fangirl_ Oct 04, 2016
I'll love one yandere.( except for yandere~chan) I love Yuno gasai. I don't know how I fell in love with her or what did it, but I am.
JayTheMemeQueen JayTheMemeQueen Nov 07, 2016
You shouldn't even be defending the yandere. You should be calling out those commenters who say that, because they picked the book because they like yanderes 😂
- - Sep 05, 2016
I found @pocokitty 's Yandere. . .
                              Just from the line "Who loves cats more than you do?"
I love yanderes. The thought of someone being so in love with you they'll kill and hurt others just to be with you or get your attention is nice to me. :))